Ben&Ben drops 2 singles in 1 day

By now, we know that Ben&Ben will release their 13 track debut album entitled 'Limasawa Street' this May. Out of the 13 tracks, only one song has been previously released, ‘Mitsa (Salamat)’.

Yesterday, Ben&Ben surprised all the fans by dropping new singles,

‘Pagtingin' and 'Araw-Araw'.


Araw-Araw is a Filipino/Tagalog word which means "everyday". It's a modern-day ballad that lays down the flow starting from a chance encounter with someone, leading to loving commitment to that person. The song tells this through chilling harmonies and calming melodies and instrumentations that give a feeling of longing and assurance. It's the easy song you listen to while night driving in a clear highway, while such reflections come by.


"Pagtingin" is a laid-back, soul-infused folk-pop track that sings about the uncertainty that comes with baring your feelings for someone else. It lays open through steady rhythms, gospel-style harmonies and playful violin, piano and electric guitar lines a familiar feeling that most of us go through but rarely talk about.

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