DENOVA Live in Manila

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

This year Sindikato Management acquired a band from Manchester named DENOVA but with a surprising twist, the lead vocalist is a fellow Filipino.

Hailing from Manchester, the band has been playing together since they were just kids and for the past 10 years has performed at festivals in Canada and clubs in Manila. They’ve spent time endlessly developing their distinctively synth driven sound that they’re now ready to share with the masses, aiming to connect with people who share their passion for music.

They draw inspiration from an eclectic selection of bands such as: Genesis, Death Cab For Cutie, Daft Punk, Phoenix, The Killers & Chvrches. According to the band, “if we had to label our sound it would be anthemic pop rock paired with meaningful songwriting. “We like our tracks to punch really hard, we want the energy to hit you in the face and the emotion to pull on your heart strings, it’s got to make you feel. In fact, more than feel, it’s got to shake you. We’ve tried to write a song that is chilled and vibey but it’s just not who we are.”

Over the past couple of years DENOVA has been experimenting with synthesizer. The vocalist Kevin Daos mentioned that he really likes the Yamaha Dx7 and Cs80, mix those with some modern production and that it really hits the spot. “You can be really creative with them and I think with me being a guitarist/drummer, approaching the synths with a percussive mind makes our sound a little more interesting.”

We are very excited to have them perform live in the Philippines this year around March.

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