DENOVA Releases Music Video For Single "Brighter Days"!

Since the release of Denova’s single ‘Brighter Days’ last April 3rd, the release of the music video is going to be available for streaming sooner than you think. This band hailing from Manchester will show you what it’s like being in the United Kingdom during these times.

We asked the members of Denova more information on their creative process when writing the song and creating this moving video.

Kevin Daos, the vocalist and fellow Filipino says, “Brighter Days is a song I wrote when some people in my life were going through hard times. The song is an anthem and we want it to give the listener a feeling of hope, fight and triumph, and a reminder that even in our darkest days, the sunshine is just around the corner. “

For the ‘Brighter Days’ music video we really wanted to capture the feeling of breaking free. We wanted the video to be a reminder that there’s plenty to look forward to at the other side of this pandemic and while the only way to get through it is to… get through it; we can wait in hopeful anticipation for the Brighter Days to come around. Luca, the guitarist and creative behind the video says, “I put the video together using a mix of footage taken by our photographer from various live shows and searching the internet for visuals that best represented the feeling and emotion of the song. My goal was to make it really connect with people and ultimately feel as relatable as possible as we’re all going through the same thing right now no matter who you are or where you are in the world. The band and I love the energy from performing live and connecting with people through our music, that’s something we really REALLY look forward to and wanted to include that in the video.”

While each band member is missing their friends, family and each other we asked them how each one is coping during this pandemic. Aside from creating new music, Kevin has been getting in touch with his routes, like cooking Tofu Adobo for his girlfriend and her family (which they loved) and playing online video games with his cousins in Cabanatuan. Alix, the drummer has been revisiting old tv shows and spending time with his Mum. Sam, the bassist has been reading; trying to cook some new things; keeping connected online while waiting patiently until the nearest barbershop opens. Luca, the lead guitarist has been with his Mum and puppy during the lockdown in Manchester. Aside from being creative with the band he has appreciated the break and the time spent with loved ones.

What message would you send out to your supporters of the Philippines?

“We’re still really heartbroken that our tour in The Philippines had to be postponed. But we hope that everyone is keeping safe, staying home and staying strong! We can’t wait to visit and perform for you once this is all over but for now you can listen to our music and spread the word. We’re counting each day until we hear you singing the words back to us!”

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