DENOVA Releases New Single "Brighter Days"

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

On the 3rd of April, Sindikato Management’s band from Manchester, United Kingdom had just released a new single called “Brighter Days,” it is a positive and uplifting song. “HERE WE ARE, ARE YOU READY?” - Kevin Daos (Vocalist)

The song is currently a few years old. They customarily perform “Brighter Days” as their opening song during gigs. As Kevin Daos would say, “We’ve tried to change the song order in our set, but honestly, if Brighter Days aren’t the introduction to our performance, it just feels wrong.”

"Brighter Days is a song I wrote when some people in my life were going through hard times. The song is an anthem and we want it to give the listener a feeling of hope, fight and triumph, and to remind them that even in our darkest days, the sunshine is just around the corner.
It felt like a good time to release this song with everything that’s going on in the world right now and we really hope it helps the listener in any way!"

Kevin Daos the vocalist of Denova, a local of Manchester and a fellow Filipino was asked a few questions about their writing process, their sound and future plans.

"Our writing process usually starts from the voice notes on my iPhone. There are hundreds of ideas in there. I’ll scroll through the recordings pick one at random, kind of like Russian roulette, and if it makes me buzz then that’s the one. The lads and myself then take it to our rehearsal space and jam until the song feels natural, after that we have a pre-production session with our producer Roni. And finally we spend however long it takes producing the song until it’s perfect. "

Denova’s music is unique from where you are based, what influenced you to choose this genre?

"Yep you got that right. Being from Manchester there is definitely a sound of the city. In fact a lot of the emerging bands here in the U.K have a sound that glues them together. We’ve always been different and I’m sure all bands say that but we get told that exact thing by engineers, bands, crew and the audience at every show we play here. We love to write big anthemic, meaningful music. The formula for us is massive drums, powerful guitars, nostalgic synths and overall PURE energy that pulls on your heart strings and smashes you in the face! Maybe one day we’ll write a glittery little indie tune, but I doubt it haha.

It has been a challenge for us trying to find our place amongst our fellow artists in this underground scene. We have been told by industry to “dumb it down, be more indie, not too poppy’’. Our response has always been f’’k that, we LOVE our music and eventually we’ll find our crowd, our people with the same taste. These past 18 months have proved just that and it’s growing every single day."

What would you like your music to say to your supporters in the Philippines?

"To our supporters in The Philippines, we hope that our music brightens up your day no matter where you are or where you’re from. We think our music has something for all ages. We want to thank everyone in The Philippines for their support so far and even though our April tour got postponed because of the Corona Virus we can’t wait to come and play our songs for you, so please keep listening to the music and spread the word far and wide!"

What influence would you like to have on your supporters?

"As a band we’re strong believers in positivity, connecting with others and following your dreams. We hope that this message reaches our listeners and gives them some joy."

What are your plans this 2020?

"We’re really excited to be putting out more music over the next few months and keeping active on our social media. We’ve got loads of songs that are ready to be heard and we cannot wait to share them with you all. Our live show is better than ever and we’ll be flying over to The Philippines as soon as we can! So keep up to date on our social media and we’ll see you very soon!"

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