DENOVA talks about the band's history, their new single and visiting the Philippines this year.

Last Friday, DENOVA released an Alternative Version to their 2018 debut single "You're Not Alone".

Hailing from Manchester, the band has played together since they were in high school and for the past 10 years have performed across the globe at festivals in Canada and clubs in Manila. They’ve spent time endlessly developing their distinctively synth driven sound that they’re now ready to share with the masses, aiming to connect with people who share their passion for music.

The band draws inspiration from an eclectic selection of bands such as: New Order, Genesis, Death Cab For cutie, Daft Punk, Phoenix & Chvrches. They present anthemic pop rock paired with meaningful songwriting.

We just wanted to learn more about the band and if they had any plans of visiting the Philippines this year:

What's the story behind the single?

Our newest single You’re Not Alone, was written at our studio in Bury, Manchester, and was written with the premise of getting to a stage in your life where you begin to question your identity and purpose. Seeing others with a dream job, car and house but having only ever known a life of continuous touring, writing and recording, the feeling of being lost comes about. You’re Not Alone is an energetic indie pop tune that highlights the importance of being around people that lift you up in light of these situations, and being aware that you’re not the only person who feels like this.

Watch the Music Video of the Original version of the track below:

Can you expound on this new alternative version?

With the ALTERNATIVE version it was originally going to be an acoustic version, we wanted the listener to really hear the lyrics and experience the song raw and stripped backed - But we love our synths too much and couldn’t help ourselves, so with our producer Roni we decided to get the old synths out and even had some fun with a vocoder on the vocals. We’re really happy with how it turned out and might do it again with more of our songs.

What can your listeners expect this 2019?

2019 is gonna be a mad one. We’re aiming to release a single every 6-8 weeks and we’ve a LOT of gigs booked in around the U.K. We wanna get as much art out there as possible and get in front of as many music lovers as we can!

Do you have any plans of going to the Philippines?

YES! We hope to be playing some shows in the Philippines in August/September time. But first we gotta release some more songs! The response from the Philippines has been amazing so far and we’re counting the days until we get to perform for you all! So keep listening, share with your friends and we’ll be on that plane from Manchester to Manila as quick as we can.

We're definitely excited to hear more songs from DENOVA and hopefully we get to watch them live here in the Philippines. For now, you can check out their new track - "You're Not Alone" (ALT VERSION)