Elise Huang Joins Sindikato Management

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Sindikato Management has a new member in the family, Elise Huang. Elise is a 20 year-old singer-songwriter. She describes her genre as acoustic, jazz pop fusion and ballad. This solo artist loves engaging with the audience because she believes her strength as an artist relies to her as a performer.

Her influences are Emily King, Sara Barailles, Tori Kelly, Us The Duo, Third story, Ben&Ben, and a little bit of Paramore. In 5 years, she wants to go on tour -- locally and internationally. With awards at hand and collaborations with many artists.

We can't wait to see how this young artist evolves as a musician and as an individual. Watching her grow would be a thrill to experience!

Follow Elise Huang on socials:

Facebook: @elisehuangmusic

Instagram: @elisehuangmusic

Twitter: @elisehuangmusic