Fern. A LOVELESS Listening Party

THE APARTMENT, POBLACION – On October 19, 2019

Fern. paid host to family, close friends, collaborators and media to a private listening party for the official release of his EP Loveless under Universal Records. The EP contains previously released Sober Up, Dance For Me!, and SWEET, as well as unreleased singles Murakami “Slow Song”, Look In 2 My Eyes, and crowd favorite Fallin For You.

It was back in March when Fern. released his millennial party anthem Sober Up. Following the next few months Fern. then came out with two more songs – the dark and melancholy Dance For Me! and SWEET in collaboration with the talented and local icon Kiana Valenciano. Nine months later from March, by November the entire six-track EP will be out on Spotify and other streaming platforms care of Universal Records.

The EP listening party and launch wasn’t just about the music. Fern. wanted to collaborate with other artists from outside of the music scene. Fern. started a collaboration with local independent fashion brand Ill Luck which made official Loveless shirts which were for sale or available for order at The Apartment. A partnership was also made with the young and up and coming fashion designer OJK. OJK created exclusive Loveless pullovers which were free to be ordered during the event. Several of Fern.’s friends and collaborators from the music scene rallied behind him and joined in the listening party. Some of the more notable names are Moses with whom Fern. has produced tracks for and close personal friend James Reid of Careless Music Manila.

Despite having people from different backgrounds present at the EP launch, the intimate venue and music provided an experience where no one left as a stranger to one another.

Photos by: Aimee Aznar

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