Fern. Releases Dance For Me!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

After Fern.'s release of his single 'Sober Up' this young Filipino singer/songwriter and producer has just dropped another single entitled 'Dance For Me!' under Universal Records Philippines. The song, in comparison to Fern's repertoire, has a darker and heavier tone.

Fern. describes his music as cool pop. When asked what cool pop is, Fern. identifies it as his attempt to create a listening environment that would fit the sensibilities of indie listeners and mainstream listeners of music. Being part of a musically inclined family, Fern.’s love for music started early. All he remembers is just doing what he loves, and things just started happening for him.

In addition, this also gives Fern. a chance to demonstrate a different side to his musicality that stretches his range and flexibility. Inspired by the likes of The 1975, The Weeknd, Abhi/Dion and Brent Faiyaz this 19-year-old singer/songwriter and producer is also planning on releasing an EP later this year, and a full album by 2020.

When asked what his overall message as a musical artist is, Fern. says that all he really wants to say is for people to stop trying to hard to be something they aren’t.

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Special thanks to Universal Records Philippines