Fern.'s "Sober Up" is perfect for your weekend party playlist

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Fern's new single 'Sober Up' dropped worldwide last Friday on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer and more. The song was featured in Spotify's New Music Friday Philippines and Fern. became the cover of the playlist. We spoke to Fern about his plans for 2019 as well as the message he wants to say to his audience.

Is there a message you want to say to your audience based on your new single 'Sober Up'?

I want my audience to feel in the moment while partying that there is an anthem dedicated to them. Just something to make them feel good in the moment.

What can people expect from your upcoming EP?

For my upcoming EP I think it's a more mature version of myself in terms of music. I've learned more in production, songwriting and collaborating with artists.

What inspired you to make the song 'Sober Up'?

I always have this feeling whenever I go out that there's always a sense of negativity, you start to question yourself saying "why am I here?" or "I could be doing something better with my life." So with that I wanted to create this song because I know a lot of people feel something similar. To tell them that it's okay to live in the moment and enjoy whatever it is you have now and tomorrow will always be a new day. When they're not sober they shout out, "we're never gonna sober up!"

How do you feel about this song reaching numerous audiences around the world?

I think it's cool because it's always been my dream to make it internationally. I just hope it's being consumed in the right ways also I don't really want to influence people to do bad things in life. Although it's great that the song reaches other people and not just Filipinos.

What are your plans for 2019?

Basically to keep creating music and put more effort and emphasis on OPM.

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The track is now available for streaming on Spotify (