Haunted Manila Festival 2019

Haunted Manila is a 6-night Halloween Festival celebrating of music, film, adventure and zombies. It will be held on October 26-31 this year in Filinvest City Open Grounds, Alabang, Muntinlupa.

The festival will open with the comeback of a Manila Halloween classic – Outbreak Manila. This 5km marathon was first introduced in 2012, and instantly grew to be one of the most anticipated marathons in Manila. Wear your trustiest pair of running shoes and get ready to run for your life in the country’s biggest zombie run. Survivors who make it to the end of the course “alive” (with at least one flag still attached to them) earn exclusive dog tags as well as the right to brag that they will not be one of the first to go down if and when the zombie apocalypse arrives. The evening will then culminate in a DJ Party where the living, dead, and undead alike will revel in well-mannered merriment. There will be no eating of brains here.

The entire six-night festival will also feature 6 Breakout Haunted Escape Rooms and will consequently be the 6th Halloween Special of Breakout. Quite an ominous use of three sixes… All the escape rooms will focus on Filipino folklore, with each one featuring a specific myth, creature, celestial, elemental, spirit, and demon. As a bonus, a little surprise awaits those who manage to solve all six rooms.

In addition to the Breakout Haunted Escape Rooms, there will also be Trick or Treat Game Stations and the Gayuma Food Bazaar for all days of the festival. Halloween candy isn’t as simple as coming in costume and ringing doorbells, in the Haunted Manila Halloween Candy must be earned and won. Good thing everyone gets six nights to do this. When enjoyment is at its peak, feet often get sore and stomachs need a refill. The Gayuma Food Bazar in the grounds is he place to go. Bring your family, friends, coworkers, and pet zombies to discover new eateries.

For the second night, Breakout will be doing a city-wide scavenger hunt. Join fellow adventure and thrill seekers as you race around Filinvest City gathering clues and solving problems. The next four nights will be having Pelikulagim, a Pinoy Horror Movie Marathon. Nostalgia hits as classic Filipino horror movies will be screen alfresco in the open grounds.

To end the festival Santelmo a Halloween Music Party featuring some of the country’s top OPM acts will continue to enchant party goers. Sing along with UDD, December Avenue, I Belong to the Zoo, Callalily, Unique, Autotelic, SUD, The Ransom Collective, Cheat, FERN., One Click Straight, Nathan & Mercury, Any Name’s Okay and get ready to strain those vocal chords and belt out some classic hits with Aegis!

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