Hulyo is working on a new EP/Album

Simon Panaguiton of Hulyo recording his guitar track in one of their upcoming singles

Last February 10, 2019 we visited Hulyo while recording in MFORE Studios in Quezon City. We had a chance to listen to two new songs and we were blown away.

We interviewed the whole band - Simon (vocals), Michael (bass), David (guitars) and Kadjo (drums) about their 2018 success, their new materials and 2019 plans.

From left to right: David Datu, Kadjo Sarabia, Michael Abalon and Simon Panaguiton

What are things that you are thankful for as a band last 2018?

We are very thankful for the support everybody has given to us, most especially to the ones who embraced our two singles, "Kahit Isang Saglit" and "Sandali Lang".
And of course, the guidance and support that Sindikato Management has given to us in the past years. Those magical years are the ones that shaped us as musicians and as individuals as we work along together in creating these materials.

What are you recording and what can fans expect from these new songs you are recording?

We were very excited and somehow nervous since it's been almost a year since we recorded a song. And working along with Marc Reyes of MFORE Studios is quite magical as he takes each and every track to a whole new level. We did a lot of experiments to the songs and hopefully we could achieve the sound we truly desire.
Marc Reyes of MFORE Studios

What can fans expect from these new songs you are currently recording?

It's a mix of old and new materials. We're currently recording a song we wrote way back, around 2012. The rest of the songs are new and they're not yet part of our regular sets. Expect more variety on this set of songs that we'll be releasing soon.

What are your big plans for 2019?

Our main goal for the year is to release more songs and play more shows. Hopefully, we can release an EP or an album by the end of the year.