Ben&Ben Opens Pre-Orders of Their Upcoming Album - Limasawa Street

Last Monday night, Ben&Ben launched pre-orders of their upcoming debut album, Limasawa Street, on their website

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After multiple hit singles the band has finally announced that they will be coming out with a thirteen song album. Fans are all delighted to find out that they will be hearing 12 unreleased track, including a collaboration of the band with Ebe Dancel.

The band also posted the unique packaging for their album:

On the site it says that this box contains:

  • 1 Exclusive flashdrive containing 13 songs

  • 1 Lyrics booklet

  • 13 Exclusive postcards of illustrations

  • 1 Free Entrance Ticket to the Album Promo Tour (to be given upon claiming of album)

You can still pre-order this album in their official website only up until the end of April!

If you can't wait for Limasawa Street, for now you can listen to the only single released in the album - "Mitsa" Listen to Mitsa on Spotify - spotify:track:7MP2p4bsW7lBGrg48oYSiA

Watch the Lyric Video of Mitsa on the band's Youtube Account:

OR if you really want your hands on a copy of the album, you can look for John Mayer and have a listening party with him. The band gave him the very first copy of Limasawa Street when they met in Hong Kong during John Mayer's concert.

April 8 in John Mayer’s Hong Kong leg, they got to meet the man himself and hand him a copy of their upcoming album

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