Sindikato: One Last Gig

On July 4, 2020 - we, Sindikato Management, will be hosting a live stream event on Bandwidth Philippines' Facebook page. We invited artists from our past and present roster to perform one last (virtual) gig under Sindikato Management. Some current and past members of Sindikato Management will also be sharing some messages on this last gig.

The 12 artist line lineup consists of Callalily, Ben&Ben, SUD, Fern., Elise Huang, Dionela, Hilera, Jensen Gomez, Unit 406, Fighting River Blindness, Denova, and Hulyo. The story of Sindikato Management started with Enzo, Edzon, and a motley crew of college friends who began to produce music videos under Sindikato Studios. Music was always at the root of Sindikato Studios, and it was just natural to go back to those roots and to help as many artists as they could. And so Sindikato Management was born with the idea of purely supporting an artist's craft. We challenged the beliefs and broke stigma -- where others saw flaws, we saw character, uniqueness, and individuality. We let our artists be who they are, and we allowed them to create the way they wanted. It was an ecosystem of collaboration where artist and management worked to inspire one another. It was a unique relationship where we would amplify our artists' musicality with our creativity. Together we took risks with our artists, and together we celebrated in triumphs.

Our goal in Sindikato Management was to become the most artist-friendly management company. At the very core, we were just artists helping other artists. Even if Sindikato Management is taking an indefinite break, we hope we inspire a new batch of artists, and we wish that other artist managers would continue to challenge and push the perceptions of what an artist management can do.

Words cannot express the gratitude we have to the musical artists of the Philippines and the undying fans -- so to all of you we proudly present 'One Last Gig'.