Sud releases visually stunning MV for their newest single “Headlights”

Sud (from left to right): Kohl Aguilar, Jimbo Cuenco, Sud Ballecer, Raisa Racelis, Carlos dela Fuente

SUD is back and they just released their first single for 2019 titled ‘Headlights’. They were featured in the cover of Spotify’s New Music Friday and a week after, the band released their black and white, visually stunning music video. (

We spoke to vocalist, Sud Ballecer and asked him about his song writing process, the release choice and what fans can look forward to this 2019:

What’s the story behind ‘Headlights’? Why did you write the song?

Headlights is a song about hope and redemption. The song idea came up to me after going through a lot of realizations. Madaming pinagdaanan the past few years kaya sinulat namin yung kanta para ma acknowledge yung mga changes personally and musically.

Why did you choose this to be the band’s 2019 single?

I think it makes sense dahil first single namin for the year and it's about hope. So it sets the mood for the upcoming releases namin.

What can people expect from SUD this year?

New songs, new content. Mas mature na ang songwriting and diverse din. Hindi lang naka-box sa iisang topic. Yung theme din kasi namin last album is very sensual, lovey-dovey lyrics. Magiiba kami ng mood for this year.

We also spoke to “Headlights” Music Video director and long time manager, Enzo Valdez.

How was it like working with the band this time around?

This marks my 8th music video for Sud. (That includes, Smilky, Profanities, Sila, Wish, How We Play, Di Makatulog, Sana Bumalik) This was quite different from the others for a couple of reasons. First the video was very personal to the band. The band went through a lot the past year and being their friend, I’m so proud at how they persevered – luckily enough the song was the perfect vehicle to show that. Another thing that was different this time around is how we treated/conceptualized the video, it was very experimental. We didn’t have our usual narrative and band performances. Everything was centered on strong visuals with strong meanings. There’s a lot of easter eggs in the videos. People were expecting it to be part of the Sila Series but if you look at the body of work of Sud when it comes to MVs, it’s really a web of connections. For “Headlights” I’m happy that people are seeing a lot of connections to past videos in the comment section – those things are intentionally put there because it has a deep meaning for me and the band.

Will we get a continuation of the Sila Series: Sila-Di Makatulog-Sana Bumalik?

Definitely. When? When the time is right.

You can now stream the track on Spotify ( and watch the music video on YouTube (