Wake Up with Hulyo

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

"Wake up, beautiful" -- Hulyo released this single on all music platforms last July 19 and today they came out with a dream-like lyric video which was animated by their bassist, Michael Abalon.

We asked Simon Panaguiton, the vocalist and songwriter of 'Wake Up' to answer questions about their new song;

Can you tell us about your newest single, ‘Wake Up’? 'Wake Up' is one of the first songs I've written for Hulyo. It is different from our past singles, sound-wise. We really aim to have a song where the words and melodies compliment to each part of the song.

What was the inspiration behind the song? It's about pure love. The surreal feeling of joy knowing the person you want to be with, is yours.

What can your fans expect from the band this year? We are writing more songs this year. A different sound from our past singles. Hopefully we will have them released before the end of the year.

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