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The band is named after its vocalist Sud Ballecer, who also plays the guitar. He is joined by Raisa Racelis on bass, Jimbo Cuenco on drums, Kohl Aguilar on keyboards, and Carlos Dela Fuente on saxophone.


SUD is behind the hit song “Sila”, which received massive airplay on radio and millions of streams on digital platforms. It is a pure love song that teenagers would slow dance to during prom night, and couples would pick as their wedding song when the bride walks down the aisle, simply because “Sila” speaks to the hopeless romantics.


This alternative soul band adds a new flavor to the local sound. In their 2018 single “Sana Bumalik” and “Headlights,” the band captures emotions through their lyrical storytelling. It undeniably shows the band’s artistic, creative, and powerful drive.

According to Sud, their band will never settle when it comes to their sound. Instead, they will face challenges that can lead to deeper musical self-discoveries.